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Business Model Generation Strategy Tools Data Strategy Design
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Innovation Methods Marketing Negotiation
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Personal Development Projects Visualization & Learning

Why Stattys for strategy development?

Stattys products are excellent tools for existing and proven visual communication methodologies. We offer materials, templates and information, which allow you to quickly start and manage your projects, in a flexible way. We have found that in the initial stages of a creative process, pen and paper (and the use of Stattys products) is still the easiest and most simple way to achieve fast results. Often, we are held back because we are lacking clear methods, tools and templates for our needs. With our Stattys sets and toolkits, we want to bridge this gap. With Stattys Set or Toolkit you can get started immediately. Have fun with our tools in your creative process.

How do I use them?

Using Stattys Notes, grouping and structuring them on a template, wall or table, gives you quickly the necessary overview. After that, it will be easier to decide the next steps needed for the implementation. This applies to personal complex, personal challenges, as well as team projects. We encourage you to give our visual tools and methods a try.

What are they?

Stattys provides tools for visual communication, presentation and innovation, using handwriting and drawing. Most of all our products include Stattys Notes, which are often described as the next generation of sticky notes. They are unique due to their ‘Write & Slide’ function. The backside of Stattys Notes can also be used as a whiteboard, and any markings can be wiped off within a few hours. When used like this, the notes can be re-used very often. Our methods have been developed by experts in the field and are well known, tested and proven.

New Methods and Ideas?

If you have an idea for a new method or a new tool kit, please contact us and log in here. We are always interested in dialogue, and would like to expand our services and solutions.

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