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  1. Stattys Notes M, pack of 5 green, electrostatic self-adhesive moderation cards, self-adhesive notepaper, sticky magnetic notes, moderation card, stattys, sticky notes, statty, static notes, notepad, pad for drawing

    Stattys Notes M set of 5

    As low as €31.95 Regular Price €39.95

  2. Super Price
    Stattys Notes Starter Set 1, whiteboard, magnetic notes, stattys notes, marker, bag, office, gadget, sticky notes, self-adhesive foil, moderation bag, office set, business, school

    Stattys Notes Starter Set 1

    Special Price €31.75 Regular Price €35.28
  3. Super Price
    Business Model generation, Business model toolkit, moderation kit, moderation box, moderation set, value proposition canvas, business model canvas, stattys notes, electrostatic moderation card, magnetic sticky notes, business tool, Stationary, the office

    Business Model Generation Toolkit 3.1 (facilitation kit) German version

    Special Price €143.65 Regular Price €169.00
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    Stattys Office Set, Stattys, slickynotes, stattys-notes, whiteboard foils, Stattys Notes Starter Set 1, Starter Kit, Starter Set Whiteboard, Traveler Set, Travel Set, Business Set, static whiteboard, self-adhesive whiteboard, electrostatic

    Stattys Office Set

    Special Price €97.65 Regular Price €139.50
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    Stattys Business Travel Set

    Stattys Business Travel Set

    Special Price €104.65 Regular Price €149.50
  6. Super Price
    New Work + Business Model Booster Bundle DE

    New Work + Business Model Booster Bundle DE

    Special Price €139.00 Regular Price €198.00
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