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Why? Working in home office has become the new normal for many

When we talk about the home office, we generally mean working from a remote location. The Covid-19 has made working remotely to become the new normal for many and it might change the way we work for years. Many of us are forced to work from home. While it works extremely well for some, others might suffer, miss the social contacts and not really have a suitable space to work effectively. Our view? Let's try to find ways to enjoy working from home and make the best out of it.

How do we set up our working space in the home office?

Assuming you work a lot on the computer, the more obvious thing is to start from a chair and table that you have available. While some have a separate working room, others might be at the kitchen table. Make sure you create an ergonomic working space. We encourage the employer to support their employees on this. The most economic solution might be a foldable chair and table from your garden store or IKEA. We have a specific tested recommendation coming soon.

After you have created your ergonomic working space, we encourage you to observe the noise factor of your selected space. If it is too loud and busy, headphones might help or consider moving to a more quiet space. This might be in your house, a café or coworking space. Or on a remote island in a small hut, where I am writing this text.

Now, for those of you, who need to be creative, solve wicked problems, develop and design something - for the early face of this process, we believe that using simple visual tools like a marker, the Stattys Notes, the Noteboard, and the Sticcos whiteboard sheets can boost your creativity and flexibility. See the video above to get an idea of what we mean.

What products we recommend?

The products we list here, we have specially selected for the home office and remote location working environment. They are small, easy to take with you, and require only a small investment.

We have included the Lumocolor Correctable markers. These are the most universal markers we have experienced so far. They work on both sides of Stattys Notes. The colored front side is non-erasable, but the white glossy backside you can wipe clean. If necessary, use a little alcohol or something stronger to remove any remainings. Used on the Noteboard, it takes a bit more effort to wype it clean, but on the positive side, you do not unintentionally blur your sketches.

Try them.

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