Why supplies do matter?

We have spend a great deal of time to find the best suitable supplies to comply with out Stattys material. We were surprised to experience how big the differencesare in permanent and whiteboard markers. The form of the body and the nib, the softness of the nib, the pigments in the ink and how fast the ink drys are all inportant to a positive experience and enjoyable visualization with Stattys. Saving € 1.64 to € 2.10 with the marker, could be saving at the wrong place. Or at least test your favorite markers on Stattys before you start your workshop or go to your customer.

How to use them?

Use them just like your normal supplies. We have done the testing for you.

What are they?

We believe that we have selected supplies for the best value and user experience with Stattys products. In most cases the supplies also work well on other materials. Try them first yourself.

Permanent Marker Whiteboard Marker Flipchart Marker

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