Welcome to the Stattys Online Shop in Germany. Since 2010, we have been providing innovative Stattys work material (tools) for creative, visual work and already have over 15,000 customers. In methods you will find many posters (often called canvas) and printed materials developed by experts and our partner. These visual aids enable you to get started very quickly and maintain a good overview of the full picture as you develop your ideas further. You can start on your own, but most fun and speed you are likely to achieve in team work. Our customers are individuals, who want to improve, to create, to develop, to learn, to master something new and challenging. Also many consultants, facilitators, trainers, agile project managers, teachers, use our tools and the methods we offer and use the power of visual working.

Stattys Notes

With the electrostatic Stattys Notes, you can creatively and visually advance your ideas and challenges in every room. You always remain flexible, you can reassign your topics with a simple move. It's fun and brings clarity to complex topics. Let your colleagues and participants join in.

Creative Walls

We believe that walls are new tables for writing, sketching and drawing, especially for visualization in teams and groups. While the range of traditional whiteboard solutions is vast, we would like to focus on other options to enable you to use walls, windows, doors, cabinets as intelligent whiteboard space.


For us and certainly for many others, the Business Model Canvas was a kind of revolution. It has made it easy, fast and visual to communicate with others through business models, understand and redevelop the model. We offer this method and many more as canvas / posters in different sizes and materials.


Our goal is to help you master your challenges more successfully. With small tips, videos, maybe interviews, we would like to give impulses. Our topics include visual work and communication, innovation and strategy development, agile project management and much more. Register now with our newsletter.

Statty's products are made of recyclable materials, free of adhesive or adhesives, and adhere to virtually any smooth surface without the need for additional aids. They can be used and repositioned several times.

Online Kurse von Partner - JTBD

Wir verstehen Jobs-to-be-Done Framework als eine Art “Add on” bzw. Erweiterung zum Value Proposition Canvas. Reinschauen lohnt sich! Mikko erklärt, wie das Material genutzt werden kann.

*Let us know, if you are interested in English version of the material and online courses. We will get back to you.

Rolling Planning Calendar

In our Rolling Planning Calendar you can visualize your tasks and milestones with whiteboard marker (dry erasable) or Stattys Notes of coming months. Adjust to show the time span of 3 to 12 or more months. Only 2 pieces in stock order now to get one!

Permanent ink remover application guide

We are excited about this cleaner. Due to the frequent use of whiteboards sometimes shadows or stains arise. With this cleaner your whiteboard is quickly clean again. Spray with the ink remover over your whiteboard and wipe with a paper towel over it.

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