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Stattys develops and markets versatile, mobile and lite communication tools for:

  • visual planning and presentation
  • handwritten communication
  • sketching
  • visual problem solving

We use recyclable material that attaches naturally to almost any surface without glue. It can be removed and reused multiple times.

Welcome to Stattys World (in German)

We are in a process to finalize a series of Stattys videos, also in English. Coming soon.

Working on your Business Model?

We have all you need to develop, co-create and present your business model with the methods of our partners, the authors of Business Model Generation. Sets, cards, canvases, workshop toolkits. All you need to work by yourself or run a workshop.

Workshops und Events

Want to meet David Sibbet and deepen your visual facilitation skills in his workshop Visualize Change? If Amsterdam is not too far, this could be worth a visit on May 24th, 2016.


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