Stattys Carrying Tube (silver)

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Why a Carrying Tube?

The attractive transporting tube is very convenient and protects your valuable communication tool when traveling. The tube is adjustable and has enough storage space for most Stattys products. The adjustable tube can also be used for flipcharts, artwork or architectural blueprints.

How do I use it?

Hold the inner tube with one hand, and the outer tube with the other hand at the opposite end. Now, turn the tube slightly and slide it to the desired length. Then  lock it in this setting by slightly turning it into the lock-in position.

When rolling Stattys whiteboards and posters ensure that all sheets are flush, and that the printed side is always facing the outside. Otherwise, the sheets may bend during transport, or may not lay completely flat on the wall surface.

Attention! This carrying tube is not long enough for the Business Model Canvas. Please use our bigger tube for the large Business Model Canvas.

What is it?

This tube is made from polyethylene (PE) and is recyclable. It extends up 100 cm (39.4”) in length, and can be locked in at many different lengths. Silver grey in color, with removable screw cap and adjustable black strap.

More Information
SizeInnen Max. 100 cm, Ø 8 cm . Außen: Länge Min. 62 cm, Ø 9 cm
shipping unit1 tube
MaterialRecyclable PE
Weight in kg0.45
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