Whiteboard Marker GRIP

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Whiteboard Marker GRIP, black, chisel tip
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Whiteboard Marker GRIP, blue, chisel tip
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Whiteboard Marker GRIP, red, chisel tip
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Whiteboard Marker GRIP, green, chisel tip
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Why Whiteboard Marker GRIP, chisel tip?

We have tested most of the whiteboard markers on German market and are convinced that we can offer you the best price-quality-ratio with Faber-Castell GRIP markers. Other markers are often not that comfortable to hold in hand, have a weaker ink color and might not be as easy to wipe clean from Stattys Whiteboard. By the way, you can also use this marker on the white glossy backside of Stattys Notes and wype of your markings within few hours.

How do I use it?

It is most important that before you wnat to correct or change your markings, you should wait about 10 seconds for the ink to dry first.There is a reason why they always write on them dry erasable.

What is it?

It is perhaps the newst developped whiteboard marker series on German market. The traditional Faber-Castell tringle form really make the marker nice to hold in hand. We offer you four colors: black, blue, red and green.

Product code Name
381-ASE30031 Faber-Castell GRIP Whiteboard marker, black
381-ASE30032 Faber-Castell GRIP Whiteboard marker, blue
381-ASE30033 Faber-Castell GRIP Whiteboard marker, red
381-ASE30034 Faber-Castell GRIP Whiteboard marker, green
More Information
ColorSelect color above
Nibchisel, wedge
Line width1-4 mm
Drying time on Stattys NotesCa. 10 s.
On surfaceStattys Notes, whiteboard, whiteboardfilm
Packaging1 marker
Size144 x Ø 18 mm
DeliveryWe do our best to send within 0-2 days with DHL or Deutsche Post
VAT Number in EUWhile completing your online order, please make sure you fill in your VAT number, if you have one and the delivery is to an EU-country outside Germany. Otherwise we have to incl. 19 % VAT on your invoice
Online offeringOur online offering is targeted for companies, registered business, freelancers and associations as well as authorities, schools and universities. German VAT added to all deliveries in Germany and EU deliveries without valid VAT number.

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