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Culture Map Large B0 (PVC, unbreakable) - 55" x 39" (141 x 100 cm)
Culture Map Large B0 (synthetic paper) - 55" x 39" (141 x 100 cm)
Culture Map Canvas A1 (synthetic paper) - 17" x 12" (42 x 30 cm)
Culture Map Canvas A3 (Paper) - 17" x 12" (42 x 30 cm)

Why Culture Map Canvas?

This map is perfect to discuss and evaluate your company culture. This is not an easy topic. It is even harder to change a company culture. But this is the only tool we have come across that both enable you to understand and analyze your current culture and find ways to start changing it.

How do I use Culture Map Canvas?

The key is to identify the behaviors that lead to your desired outcome. Once you understand that you should block certain behaviors, and enable and embrace other behaviors, your changes to achieve better company culture increase significantly. You can re-use this map if you write all topics on Stattys Notes S.

We highly recommend reading this blog post on Best Practices: How To Use The Culture Map.

What is Culture Map Canvas?

This canvas is perfect for belonging and reviewing your company culture. This is not a different subject. It's not just about changing a corporate culture. This is just the only tool we're referring to that will help you understand, understand your current culture, and find ways to change it.

Overview: size and material of Culture Map

Choose your material and size above. If you plan to use it many times we prefer to order it in PVC. PVC material is environmetally challenging material and not easily recyclable. However, if you keep using it ovr and oves again, we believe it makes sence to use this material. Otherwise we prefer to order our simpler variant in synthetic paper.

Product code Name Size Material
381-BMG158 Culture Map Canvas B0 - PVC 55" x 39" (141 x 100 cm) PVC 410g (Unbreakable)
381-BMG136 Culture Map Canvas B0 - Synthetic Paper 55" x 39" (141 x 100 cm) Synthetic Paper 210g
381-BMG181 Culture Map Canvas A1 - Synthetic Paper 33" x 23" (84 x 59 cm) Synthetic Paper 210g
381-BMG132 Culture Map Canvas A3 - Paper 17" x 12" (42 x 30 cm) Paper 250g
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