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Tips & Recommendations

Tips & Recommendations for Stattys Sets

Stattys Business & Starter Set: on which side should I open the package?

The grey storage container has closable tabs at both ends, both marked with a "+" sign. For closing the container, choose the tab with the “+” at one end, and the “-“ position at the other end. Then remember to only open the container at the “+” end. This way you can easily remember on which side you should open the container.

In Stattys Starter Kits the board cleaner is missing. How can I clean Stattys whiteboard sheets?

To offer a better price point on this product, we do not include the board cleaner. You can use paper towel, tissue or napkin as a board cleaner instead, or order this item separately from us.


Tips & Recommendations for Stattys Whiteboard Sheets

Applying Stattys Whiteboard sheets on uneven surfaces

If the attachment surface in not very smooth, like in the case of textured wallpaper, you can keep 3-5 sheets together and apply them. This makes a nice even surface to work on.

Re-using Stattys Whiteboard Sheets

If you want to present and use the same whiteboard sheet over and over, please use permanent waterproof markers, (such as Faber-Castell Grip Permanent Marker) for writing on the sheets. Permanent markers do not blur, and this preserves the text or drawings on the whiteboard sheets for a long time. But remember, the contents can never be erased.

Accidental use of permanent markers on Stattys Whiteboard sheets

If you accidentally used a permanent marker on our whiteboard sheets, you get can still remove the content with a board marker within approx. 15 seconds, and before the ink becomes dry. If necessary, you can do a second wiping/erasing.

Stattys Whiteboard sheets do not clean off well

If you have trouble removing text or drawings from Stattys Whiteboard sheets, position the sheet on a very smooth surface (glass or door) and then wipe it off with powerful, short and quick wiping movements.

How I best roll up Stattys Whiteboard sheets again?

Make sure that all whiteboard sheets are aligned on a table - flush on all sides. The shiny side should always be facing to the outside. When rolling up the sheets, make sure the edges stay aligned. Slide the rolled up sheets back into the storage container. Now gently spread the sheets inside the container apart with 2 fingers, and turn your fingers anti-clockwise. This gives you space in the middle of the container for your board cleaner and markers.

Tips & Recommendations for Stattys Notes

Stattys Notes as a Mind Map

If you enjoy working with mind mapping, we offer great ‘drag & drop’ tools for teamwork which allow you to generate creative and flexible mind maps. At the end, take a picture of your mind map, and distribute it to the participants by e-mail.

Stattys Notes do not move as well as I thought.

Often, Stattys Notes adhere so well the first time that they do not slide around easily. Simply moisten your fingers a little, and push Stattys Notes in the desired position.

The board marker removes the coating on Stattys Notes. What can I do?

Board markers contain solvents, which sometimes may remove the coating from Stattys Notes, when rubbing on the notes strongly. In this case, we recommend you to use quick-drying, water-resistant permanent markers with our notes.


Tips & Recommendations for Stattys Accessories

Board Cleaner spreads only dirt and dried-up paint. What do I do?

 The Board Cleaner consists of several layers of felt. If the layer is very dirty, simply remove the top layer. Your board cleaner is like new again.


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