Stattys Notes

Why Stattys Notes?

Make use of the power of organizing your ideas and thoughts in a visual manner. Stattys Notes can be quickly moved and regrouped on the wall so that it’s easy to keep an overview of your idea or project, at all times. Once started, it will become easy to recognize your next organizational step. With Stattys Notes you no longer need pins or pin boards.

How to use them?

Simply write or draw on the Stattys Note pad with a permanent marker, pen or pencil. Then peel off the page from the pad and attach it to your working surface or whiteboard. Keep sliding your ideas, group them and see the full picture. 

The pages of Stattys Notes are quite thin, so be careful to remove only one page at a time. By moistening your fingers slightly you can move Stattys Notes more easily on your surface. The reverse white side of Stattys Notes can also be used as a whiteboard foil, and any writing or drawing on it can still be removed within a couple of hours.

What are they?

Stattys Notes are extraordinary sticky notes which adhere to nearly all smooth,  hard surfaces and provide a unique Write & Slide function. They are made without glue, and can be recycled. 

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  1. Stattys Notes XS, blue
    Stattys Notes XS, blue
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  2. Stattys XS orange
    Stattys Notes XS

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  3. Stattys Notes S green
    Stattys Notes S

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    Stattys Notes S Set of 5

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    Stattys Notes M

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  6. Set of 5 colors
    Stattys Notes M set of 5

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  7. Stattys Notes XL yellow
    Stattys Notes XL

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  8. Stattys Notes M Beta green
    Stattys Notes M Beta

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  9. Stattys Notes S Beta white
    Stattys Notes S Beta

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