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Playing Lean Facilitator Training: Elevate Your Workshop Experience

Master the Art of Facilitation with Playing Lean Online Training

Whether you're new to teaching Lean Startup and Business Modelling or looking to enhance your facilitation skills, our Playing Lean Facilitator Training is the perfect jumpstart. This comprehensive online course empowers educators and workshop leaders to deliver impactful Playing Lean and Business Modelling sessions.
Key Highlights:
  • Theory and Practice: Dive into video sessions covering Lean Startup basics, facilitator theory, and detailed backstories for the Hospitality Experiment Cards.
  • Interactive Group Training: Participate in a live Zoom session focusing on workshop setup, experiment card analysis, and answering all your questions.
  • Practical Application: Facilitate game rounds in a supportive online environment, receiving immediate feedback to hone your skills.
  • Certification and Community: Earn your certificate and join a network of over 100 certified Playing Lean Facilitators, gaining access to a wealth of resources including templates, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and more.
Business Modelling Facilitator Training Included:
Delve into the nuances of Business Modelling with online classes, ready-made workshops for the Business Model and Lean Canvas, downloadable presentations, and practical case studies, including a deep dive into AirBnB’s business model.

Remote Workshop Capability:
With the current focus on remote learning, we also provide guidance on conducting Business Modelling Workshops 100% remotely.

While Playing Lean 2 can be played and enjoyed with just the instruction manual, this training gives educators and facilitators a significant edge in creating engaging, educational, and effective workshops.

Further information:

Check out this video in which we take you through all the assets Playing Lean Facilitators get access to, how to use them, and advice on how to customize them for your specific context.

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Maximize your impact as an educator – Enroll now and transform the way you teach entrepreneurship and innovation.
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