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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Stattys Sets

What are Stattys Sets?

Stattys Sets are comprised of innovative adhesive communication tools, which enable you to work with much flexibility anywhere.  The tools allow you develop, plan, create and analyze interactively wherever you are. With Stattys Whiteboards and Stattys Notes you can develop your ideas, thoughts and solutions easily in a flexible manner, in a team, with clients, or alone.

What Sets are there?

There are 4 Sets:  Starter Set, Starter Set 2 +2 + 2, Office Set and Business Travel Set.

The starter kit contains a basic set of Stattys products. For little money, you can discover new products of the Stattys world. This package includes 10 Stattys whiteboard sheets, 1 x Stattys Notes M orange, 1 x Stattys Notes S green, and a blue board marker, all in a portable carton.

The Office Set is the professional version. This set is suitable for professional application. The package includes 25 Stattys whiteboard sheets, 1 x each of Stattys Notes M (yellow and violet), 1 x each of Stattys Notes S (green and orange), 3 Board Markers (blue, green and red), and a board cleaner in a portable carton.

The Business Travel Set is the premium product of the range of sets, containing extensive communication tools in an attractive carrying case for easy travel & transportation. This package contains 25 Stattys whiteboard sheets, 1 x each Stattys Notes M (green and orange), 1 x each Stattys Notes S (yellow and violet), 3 board markers (blue, green and red), and a board cleaner.


FAQ on Stattys Whiteboard Sheets

Does it matter which side of the Stattys Whiteboard I write on?

Indeed, it does. One side is slightly more shiny or glossy that the other. You should always write and draw on this shiny, glossy side to able to dry erase your markings during the same day.

What are Stattys Whiteboard Sheets?

Stattys Whiteboard sheets are electrostatically charged sheets, which you can use as a flipchart, whiteboard, pin wall or as a meta board. The whiteboard sheets adhere to almost any smooth surface and this offers you many possibilities for workspaces of your choice. An additional advantage is the "enlarge" function of the whiteboards. While you are spatially limited with any traditional whiteboard or flipchart, you can attach Stattys Whiteboard sheets to next each another and create the work surface that meets your requirements. You do not need tape, pins, screws or glue to attach Stattys products to the surfaces. This way, you can hold important meetings, coaching sessions or sales talks anywhere:  in offices and hotels, at tradeshows, in a conference room, at the airport or at your customer’s premise.

What surfaces do Stattys Whiteboard Sheets adhere to?

Stattys Whiteboard sheets adhere to nearly any smooth hard surface. The smoother the surface, the better and longer the sheets adhere. Depending on the substrate, the sheets can stay on surfaces such as glass and doors for several years. Pleas avoid fabriques and textile surfaces.

Why do Stattys Whiteboard sheets adhere so well without glue?

Due to their electrostatic charge Stattys Whiteboard sheets provide residue-free adhesion to nearly all smooth surfaces.

Can I use Stattys Whiteboard sheets on a flipchart stand?

Yes, these whiteboard sheets can be used on flipchart paper and also on large metal surfaces.

Can I re-use Stattys Whiteboard sheets?

Yes. Any text or drawing can be removed within the same day with the board cleaner. Once you have cleaned the sheet with the board cleaner, you can re-use it, or put it together with the other sheets and roll them up. You can enjoy your Stattys Whiteboard sheets for a long time, if you roll them up properly and store them in the original packaging. To do this, make sure the sheets are aligned and flush, so that the edges do not get bent.

How often can I use Stattys Whiteboard Sheets?

Once the sheets have been moved back and forth over twenty times, it is likely that the adhesive force gradually decreases. You can write on the sheets as often as you like. But make sure that any writing on it has dried, before you erase it with the board marker. The drying time is only about 10 seconds.

How long does the adhesion of Stattys Whiteboard sheets last?

The less you move the film, the longer the adhesive force will last. Once applied to a smooth surface, the whiteboard sheets will stay attached to the surface, often for several years.

Can I fold the Stattys Whiteboard sheets?

Basically yes, but we recommend that you roll the sheets up after use and store them together with the other sheets in the supplied case.

However, if you do fold the sheets, there will be creases. However, creases do not affect greatly the adhesive ability of the whiteboards. You should always make sure that the inner side stays clean and protected.

How big are Stattys Whiteboard sheets?

The sheets come in A1 size (59.4 cm x 84.1 cm) and now in A4 size.

Are Stattys Whiteboard sheets environmentally friendly?

Yes, polypropylene film is 100% recyclable and can be disposed in the recycling bin. We recommend using whiteboards sheets several times. Using whiteboard sheets in the Stattys Office Sets 20 times, corresponds to 500 pages or 326 m²  of flipchart paper! A Business Travel Set weighs approximately 1.2 kg, compared to 500 pages of flipchart paper weighing 26.1 kg.

Can I use standard whiteboard markers?

We recommend our tested board markers, because they meet our quality standards. In principle, you can use any standard whiteboard markers, but we do not guarantee the functionality and erasing ability of other products in conjunction with Stattys Whiteboards or Stattys Notes.

Can I use a permanent marker?

When creating charts that you want to use several times over a period of time, the use of permanent markers is recommended. We recommend permanent waterproof markers that dry quickly, such as Faber-Castell GRIP markers. Please note that any writing with permanent markers is not erasable.

Can I clean Stattys Whiteboard sheets?

Yes, Stattys Whiteboard sheets can be cleaned with a board cleaner or a paper towel. If you have trouble removing the text or drawings, then first place the whiteboard sheet on a smooth surface and then clean the film with powerful, short and quick wiping moves.


FAQ for Stattys Notes

What are Stattys Notes with "Write & Slide" Function?

Stattys Notes are self-adhesive communication tools that adhere through electrostatic charge to almost all smooth surfaces. Stattys Notes are made of the same material as our Stattys Whiteboard sheets, but have a special coating so that it is possible to write with marker, pen and pencil on them.

What surfaces do Stattys Notes adhere to?

Stattys Notes adhere to almost any smooth hard surface. The smoother the surface, the longer Stattys Notes will adhere to them. Once applied, the notes stay on smooth surfaces, such as glass doors at least six months.

How long does the adhesion of Stattys Notes last?

The least you move Stattys Notes, the longer their holding power will last. Once applied, the notes can stick on smooth surfaces often more than six months.

What can I use to write on Stattys Notes?

Stattys Notes are best written on with permanent marker, ballpoint pen or pencil. Do not use pens and ink pens that are water based and very rich in ink, because often the ink does not dry fast enough, and may smear the notes. Never use water based flipchart markers, as they do not dry on Stattys material.

Can I re-use Stattys Notes?

This depends on what you use for writing onto Stattys Notes. If you use pencil, you can write on the notes several times. If you want to write on the notes only once, use permanent markers, whiteboard markers or pens.

Stattys Notes can be easily repositioned per "drag and drop"-function.

What sizes do Stattys Notes come in?

  • Stattys Notes XS: 7.4 x 3.7 cm
  • Stattys Notes S: 10 x 7.4 cm
  • Stattys Notes M: 20 x 10 cm
  • Stattys Notes XL: 29.7 x 21 cm

Are Stattys Notes environmentally friendly?

Yes, polypropylene film is recyclable and can be disposed with recyclable items.

Why do Stattys Notes adhere so well?

The electrostatic charge of Stattys Notes provides residue-free adhesion to smooth hard surfaces.

What colors do Stattys Notes come in?

We are offering them currently in orange, green, yellow, violet and white.

Can I order Stattys Notes in other colors?

Yes, custom requests for Stattys Notes in desired colors are possible. If you are interested, please contact us.


FAQ to Stattys Accessories

Can I use other whiteboard markers instead of GRIP board markers?

We recommend our GRIP board markers, because they are most suitable for the Stattys Whiteboard sheets and meet our quality standards. You can use any standard whiteboard markers, but we make no claims on the functionality and erasing ability of these products for the use on our products.

How do I clean my dirty board cleaner?

Our board cleaner consists of several layers of felt. When necessary, take off the top felt layer, and once again you have a clean board cleaner.


Please contact us, if you have any other questions or suggestions.

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