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About us

Stattys of Finnovations GmbH

As we started our Stattys journey in 2010, we really had no idea where we were heading. We believed that with our Stattys Notes we will provide a useful, simple tool for workshop facilitators and trainers.

Our observation was that many facilitators and trainers were using pinboards and moderation cards. These pinboards looked often not very inviting and by pinning the cards on the board, we felled those ideas are not to be moved. They were literary nailed to the wall.

So, some trainers saw quickly the advantage of using Stattys Notes instead of nailing cards to the board. Especially in the creative phase of a training or project.

These early adapter trainers really became our ambassadors, heavy users and in a way our sales and marketing force.

The second observation we did rather soon as we started that whomever we asked if they liked to be able to move their notes on any smooth and glossy surface, some of these people felt uncomfortable with the question, although they definitively liked it. Only then we realized that many were not accustomed to using notes to visualize their challenges.

So, when a good friend of ours pointed us to a book called Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers from Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur.

Click the link and you can download a 72 page free preview. This book was simply revolutionary and in our opinion two factors were important:

  1. It had a lot of drawings, sketches and images. It was much more fun to read and easier to remember what they presented
  2. They provided a poster called Business Model Canvas that could be downloaded and printed to a large poster. In the book we then learned the nine building blocks of business models and how they can be quickly sketched. After this epiphany we thought who would still want to write some 130 business plans that no one read and understood.

What we then realized is that our Stattys Notes and the Business Model Canvas used together brought great value. Our notes were the tools and Business Model Canvas was the method. Strategyzer then became our most important partner and customer. They have developed many more visual tools for companies to better understand their customers, create better products and grow their businesses.

Mikko Mannila, CEO Mikko Mannila

Mikko moved from Finland to Germany in 1991, and spent over 20 years working in management positions in small, medium and large multinational companies. In 2008, he decided to become an independent consultant.

In early 2010 Mikko established Finnovations GmbH, where he is the Managing Director and main shareholder.

If you would like to know more about Mikko, please see his profile in LinkedIn: Mikko in LinkedIn. Mikko looks forward to new contacts and dialogue with customers and prospects.

The Team

The success of Stattys is based on the cooperation of selected partners, suppliers, consultants and friends to whom we are grateful for their shared their ideas, recommendations, and other support services. We believe that success is based on mutual cooperation where both sides benefit.

A good example in our logistics provider in Bonn, Wolanski GmbH whose prompt and professional handling of orders we can always rely on.


We are always interested in cooperation with strong partners who want to grow with us. If you are interested, please get in touch with us.

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