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The Empathic Negotiation Canvas (PowerPoint download version)

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Be Prepared For Your Negotiations of Tomorrow

The ability to negotiate -with customers, partners, investors, suppliers, and colleagues-is a vital skill for every professional.“ (Harvard Business School, 2014)

I learned that to be a good leader, you must be a good negotiator in every sense.“ (Fernando Sanz Pinto, General Manager, 2014)

Why The Empathic Negotiation Canvas?

Negotiations take place in business as well as in private life every day. For this reason we should understand that the success of negotiation is primarily based on two premises (The Harvard Concept, 2009):

  1. The main part of the negotiation success lies in the proper preparation prior to the negotiation
  2. The small part of the negotiation is based on objective or extrinsic goals, while a large part lies in hidden issues, like...
    • We want to make our live easier
    • We want others to consider us competent
    • We want a peace of mind
    • We want to be listened to
    • We want remain the freedom of choice

For this purpose the Empathic Negotiation Canvas has been designed. It enables you to be able to prepare well for your next negotiation. The Empathic Negotiation Canvas will support you to work out your motivation, goals and arguments as well as the ones of your opponent. It finally guides you systematically through the complete negotiation process. In detail, the canvas supports you in...

    • Understanding better your negotiation partner
    • Drawing a visual overview of your negotiation strategy
    • Creating different variants of your negotiation
    • Collaborative preparation within a team
    • Anticipating the motivation, behavior and personality of your partner and opponent
    • Design fast a solid basis for your negotiation

What is The Empathic Negotiation Canvas?

The Empathic Negotiation Canvas is a professional visual method and tool for the preparation of your negotiations in private and professional life. It is suitable for all kinds of negotiations where a common agreement is to be achieved. For example:

      • Negotiation contracts between partners or suppliers
      • Negotiation in project proposals
      • Negotiation with customers
      • Negotiating a pay raise

It is also a great and simple tool to train the basics of negotiation preparation, as well as visualizing different negotiation strategies.

This special downloadable PowerPoint version is a 11 page presentation with many useful additional information and instructions.

The Empathic Negitiation Canvas is also available printed on a special 210 g/m² synthetic paper, which is extremely robust and can be reused many times.

How to use The Empathic Negotiation Canvas?

We recommend projecting the Empathic Negotiation Canvas by Manuel Grassler on the wall to create a dynamic process for your strategy. The Empathic Negotiation Canvas with its supporting questions will guide you through the complete negotiation preparation process. For a dynamic strategy creation we recommend to write your ideas directly on Stattys Notes S and move them on the related blocks.

What satisfied customers are saying

"The Empathic Negotation Canvas is an effective tool to prepare yourself for important negotiations. The outstanding feature of this tool is the support in understanding your motivation asl wells as the one of your counter part. This leads to better reactions of yourself during the negotiation.” (Torsten J Koerting, Project Manager, January 2014)

About the author Manuel Grassler

Manuel Grassler

Manuel Grassler is a marketing strategist. He is engaged in brand development, market research as well as customer needs and insights. He thereby abandons existing paths to explore new concepts and methods of ideation to encourage maverick thinking. Manuel uses his refined mindset regularly at design thinkings and business model sessions to forge innovative concepts and strategies and support young start-ups with their challenges

Visit The Blog of Manuel Grassler at Manuel’s Blog


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