Customer Journey & Touchpoint Map Bundle

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Why Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Map helps to visualize the customer experience and has become one of the favorite tools for design thinkers and marketeers. It can be used to examine existing experiences as well as to design new or potential future customer experiences.

Why Customer Touchpoint Map?

It should be obvious that if anyone offers products or services, they want to have satisfied customers. If you think of a customer’s journey, it is likely that the customer has many contacts, i.e. touchpoints, to the product or service along the journey. It might not be that obvious where and how these touchpoints happen and what kind of effect they will have on the customer. In order to understand these customer touchpoints and more important, how to improve and re-design the customer experience, the Customer Touchpoint Map can bring you visibility and valuable information. Only once you know better what your customer is going through, you can start designing a better customer experience.

How to use Customer Journey Map?

You can "walk through" the customer experience. A journey map is structured as a sequence of steps. Write each step and experience on a Stattys Note or a sticky note. You could use it for different personas or just concentrate on your main targeted customer. You can use it as a story designed to provide you more insights about the customer's experience. It can be used as a high-level journey or as a more detailed map focusing on one step of a higher-level journey.

How to use Customer Touchpoint Map?

You can visualize e.g. the whole purchase process, which can include searching and finding the product, the receipt of it and any contacts to sales or customer service. Also contacts to installation, repair service and even sales returns are touchpoints. Typically, you find or create a persona (customer). Go through the stages of the different customer actions by mapping them on Stattys Notes or sticky notes. Thereby you look for different channels, like company page in internet or online shop, sales and customer service (phone calls, emails, online chats, bot services) and you document the touchpoints on the customer’s journey on a storyboard and you especially focus on his emotional state at each touchpoint. You can gain a lot of extremely useful information about the emotional state of your customer.

What is it?

It is a map to visualize the overall experience of a person (most often customer) over time. It can be about a purchase of a specific service, a physical or digital product, or a brand.

This Map has the size B0, i.e. 140 x 100 cm (55" x 39") and is practically unbreakable. This Customer Journey Map has been provided to us by cx/omni.


You can find more information at the cx/omni page or just by searching google for Customer Journey Map.

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