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Brand Thinking Canvas bundle A2

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Why build a brand?

Research has shown that a strong brand...

  • can yield higher profit margins
  • creates more and longer interactions with your audience
  • builds more loyalty, referrals, and repeat ‘purchase’
  • helps attract the best talent for your team
  • makes you more eligible to strategic partners

Are you a startup? Branding can help...

  • to get your first client or investor
  • to create trust in a new product or service

Are you established? Branding can help...

  • strengthen your reputation
  • reframe your reputation (to support a pivot, when your market is disrupted or when you enter new phase in development)
  • get your entire team aligned around the same purpose

Brand Thinking Canvas

What is the Brand Thinking Canvas?

Strong brands, whether they are companies, people or products, are crystal clear on what drives them and what they want to be recognised for by others. They radiate what they stand for through every single interaction their audience has with them. The Brand Thinking Canvas offers a holistic model of branding, which helps you define a core starting point for your brand, and catalyses ideas for brand building interactions with your audiences. It helps you to define who you are, what you do and why it matters, who needs to know and how they will find out. It helps you (and your team) become self aware, self defined and self directed through a co-created brand strategy.

How to use it

The Brand Thinking Canvas is best used in a step by step process

  • set your business goals for the next 1-3 years as a starting point
  • start mapping out the elements of your brand on sticky notes
  • catalyse ideas around brand building interactions with your audiences
  • create an action list based on the outcomes


  • Brand Thinking Canvas Part One - Who are you? poster in size A2
  • Brand Thinking Canvas Part Two - Who is your audience? poster in size A2.
    These posters are very robust 210 g/m² synthetic paper and can be used many times, as long as you write your ideas on Stattys Notes or sticky notes.
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