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Customer Progress Design Companion

The ultimate productivity tool for Practitioners

  • Be among the first to experience the process, assisted by AI – join as a beta user

Why should you become a beta user?

As a Customer Progress Design® (CPD) practitioner, you have experienced the benefits of working with structed qualitative information and turning it into data for strategy development. However, this work requires quite some intellectual and manual data-handing.

The CPD Companion is an OpenAI API powered web application that helps you making your data basis more complete and providing an interview interpretation perspective by a “3rd party”, resulting in better data quality.

Not a CPD practitioner yet?

You are not a Customer Progress Design practitioner yet and want to apply the method? Contact unipro-solutions and discover how you can learn to apply the process and get access to all the tools and the Customer Progress Design project template. The learning offer spans from an online course (German only) to on-the-project-training and certification.

What’s in it for you?

As a beta user, you'll access your virtual AI Companion, available around-the-clock. It assists you with transcript creation, analysis of the 12 Elements, projection on The Wheel of Progress, data export to Mural, and provides exciting marketing planning features. While AI has its limitations, our tool ensures continuous learning, improves the analysis and guides you further on your journey.

Getting started:

  • Become a Customer Progress Design practitioner (see instructions above).
  • Subscribe to the Customer Progress Design Companion (beta)
  • You will receive a CPD Companion handbook in PDF
  • Join our monthly virtual community meetings to discuss challenges and receive updates.
  • API integration with Mural for visual collaboration. (Miro integration planned.)

Your investment and our offering

  • Setup Fee: €97*
  • Monthly Subscription: Basic €97*, Advanced €147*
  • In-House Solution: Contact us for details.
  • Beta User Perk: 50% lifetime discount on setup and subscription fees.
    * VAT applied, if legally required.
    * Can be cancelled monthly.

Why wait?

Join our beta program for cutting-edge technology insights. While still in beta, the CPD Companion offers unparalleled value. Your feedback will shape the future of this tool.

About us

The CPD method was inspired by the Jobs to Be Done theory, popularized by Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen. The method and the Companion aim at democratizing customer research-based strategy development. This AI assisted application is developed based on the Customer Progress Design method by Eckhart Boehme, and inspired by co-creator Mikko Mannila, in collaboration with software developer, Python, OpenAI and AI enthusiast Jouni Tapionvaara. The tool embodies innovation and actionable insights.
The CPD Companion is brought to you in a cooperation between unipro solutions GmbH & Co. KG and Finnovations GmbH (Stattys).

Data privacy

Your data is yours. Keeping your data private is our utmost objective. We ensure your data, created via the OpenAI API remains confidential and is only available to you. Your data will not be used to train ChatGPT by OpenAI. The application was created to store only the absolute necessary data in a database to be functional. Our server is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Questions or feedback?

Contact Eckhart or Mikko. We're here to guide you.

Ready to 10x customer research speed?

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