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Roman Pichler

Agile Product Management, Scrum and UX Tools

“If you ever develop a single piece of software don’t miss the tools of Roman Pichler.“ (Heath Lehman, 2013)

Why Roman Pichler’s Toolbox?

Roman Pichler’s Toolbox is designed to help product managers, product owners and UX designers create great products. They seamlessly work together, and they can be applied in a Scrum, Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, and Kanban context.

What is Roman Pichler’s Toolbox?

A great variety of different tools from vision creation to agile product management:

  • The Vision Board is a simple yet powerful agile tool to capture your vision and product strategy. Great for Customer Discovery, problem validation, and market research.
  • The Product Canvas a must-have agile tool to create a product with a great user experience and the right features. Puts the UX into Scrum. Also works with Lean Startup, Lean UX, and Business Model Generation.

How to use Roman Pichler’s Toolbox?

We recommend placing the tools by Roman Pichler on the wall to create a dynamic process for idea creation. The canvas with their supporting questions will guide you through the complete process from the first ideas to the final solution. For a dynamic idea creation we recommend to write your ideas directly on Stattys Notes S and move them on the related blocks. This enables you to reuse the canvas.

About the author Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler

Roman Pichler is a Lean and Agile Product Management expert. He teaches product owners and product managers, and he helps companies create effective product management organizations. Roman’s product management tools are designed to help product owners and product managers create great products. They seamlessly fit into a Lean Startup, Business Model Generation, and Scrum context

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The book of Roman Pichler

Agile Product Management

The global best-selling agile book by Roman Pichler. Praised as “powerful” and “practical,” this book is the definitive guide to agile product management with Scrum. Packed with hands-on advice and real-world stories, it describes the relevant concepts and techniques in a concise and easily accessible form.

The book has been translated into German, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese.


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