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Stattys Print-it Digital SRA3 (10)

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Stattys Print-It Digital A4

Instructions for Stattys Print-it Digital A4

Caution! Only for laser printers. Not suitable for inkjet printers.

Printing on Stattys Print-it Digital with a laser printer

Place the sheets exclusively in the single-sheet feed or multi-purpose feed of your printer. It's better to print individually or in small quantities. Our sheets are statically charged, which means the sheets might stick together slightly in a stack. This can lead to jams when feeding the sheets or in the output tray. We recommend always staying near the printer while printing so you can respond immediately if there are any issues.

Hold the sheets only by the edges

Avoid leaving fingerprints on the sheet as they may cause color variations at those spots.

Print on the correct side

The surface of the sheet has a special coating to ensure better ink adherence. Each sheet is lightly attached to a backing paper, allowing the film to pass safely through the printer without detaching. Make sure you're printing on the film side.

Printer settings

Before you print your document, select the correct laser printer and ensure the Stattys Print-it Digital sheets are placed individually or in a small stack in the single-sheet feed. In the printer properties, you can now choose the paper type. Opt for thick, stronger, or extra strong paper. Before printing multiple sheets, we always recommend printing a test sheet.

Let the printed films rest

Since the foil and the backing paper respond differently to heat and humidity, your printed sheet may initially curl up slightly, not lying flat. The longer you let the printed sheets rest, the higher the chance they will lie flat again.

Peel off the sheet

You can now carefully peel the foil from the backing material. It might require some patience to begin peeling from a corner. Pull the foil off evenly and as "flatly" as possible. This means not at a very sharp angle to the backing paper, to avoid leaving streaks on the foil.

Practice makes perfect

Please follow the instructions as closely as possible. We believe we've developed a good product, but it requires careful handling for optimal results. It's not as straightforward as printing on regular paper, but with some practice, it should work just as well.

We're always open to feedback and suggestions. Contact us by phone at 02222 828 9605 or by email at [email protected]. Please note that including an image (photo) often makes it easier for us to understand your concern.

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