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Overview main event April 15th 2021

Improve your elevator pitch. How well can you sell yourself?

What is an elevator pitch? If you are not familiar with the term, originally it is about presenting your idea or yourself in a very short time to a person high up in your organization or if you are a startup, to a potential investor.

We like to use the term elevator pitch in a broader sense. It can be:

  • a short introduction of yourself explaining your skills and goals
  • your service or product offering, explaining who it is for, what it does, why it is needed, and how it gets the job done
  • in minimum it explains the idea, the person or the product and its value

In times before Corona, we often met new persons in workshops, trainings, and events. After so many lockdowns and Zoom calls we all are eager to meet people in person again.

However, we have the same challenge regardless of if we meet the new person in an online video call or face to face.

"Please introduce yourself shortly!"

When was the last time you attended an online event and experienced a person introducing himself/herself and did it so well and enthusiastically that you could not wait to get to talk to the person?

This is what our new Speed Networking – Elevator Pitch Event is about. We want to provide a live event where you get advice and ideas how to introduce yourself and then you get to practice it - one on one and some we will invite to join us on the stage. You will have a change to introduce yourself or pitch your thing over and over again. Immediately after you pitch, you will receive a short feedback from your counterpart, and you will learn from others what works well and what does not.

After a short reflection, everybody moves on to the next round with a new partner. This way, you can practice and implement the new input immediately.

This is an international event for participants from all over the world. So, you also have the possibility to learn and to experience some cultural differences. The main language is in English, but if you and your counterpart agree to speak another language in your pitch, feel free to do so. The system selects the Speed Networking participants automatically and randomly. If you rather prefer to pitch in your own language, we will provide you separate language tables that you can join and use your preferred language.

Why does this matter?

If you think about it for a moment, you might have several pitches during a normal day where you are trying to sell your idea or opinion to someone else. In this event we focus on selling the person behind the idea and the idea, product, service or company.

The first thing that comes to our mind, perhaps depending on our culture, could be putting the main effort to the factual side, like explaining the idea, product or service. Hereby we often neglect the power of emotions, authenticity, and enthusiasm. Even if your message is technically correct, but you do not emotionally stand behind it, the counterpart will feel that, and it will likely affect to his or her perception of the pitch.

You probably can think of an occasion when a person was telling/pitching you something and the person was so excited that you already wanted to believe the person, even you did not quite understand what it was about. This is what we mean with the power of excitement.

A good and powerful introduction often paves the way to a more interesting and fruitful discussion. It might be that you do not want to sell anything to the person you are pitching, but if you are really good, the person might remember you and recommend to another friend at a later time. We firmly believe that it pays off to train your pitching skills.

Who are the organizers and who is behind this event and training?

The idea and creator of this training is Dr. Amin Talab from Vienna, Austria. He has been running his comeon.institute over 21 years and is a Master Negotiator, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Mediator and Bestseller Author of several books in English and German. Amin has successfully run this networking event and training in an offline format. Now we want to bring you the possibility to join this training from your desk.

Mikko Mannila is the founder and the entrepreneur behind stattys.com. He is the co-host and co-organizer of the event. This event is one way to offer his customer segment of trainers, coaches, consultants, facilitators, and project managers new type of services in form of online live training.

Technical requirements

This is an online event location with lounge, stage, reception, single tables and arena. You should use a PC/Mac, have stable internet connection (min. 10 MBit/up- and download), a microphone and a webcam.

A short tour through our Speed Networking Event Hall:
Watch here

Schedule - April 15th 2021

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM CET

Welcome Session & Overview

Our host Dr. Amin Talab has the pleasure to welcoming you on behalf of all partners and sponsors and presenting the newest format in the Conference World: Speed Networking.

We show you around our new online venue and you get a grip of the opportunities this new series offers you. We will set the stage in order to have the most productive training.

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM CET

Magical Triangle in Negotiations & the Structure of the Elevator Pitch

Structuring and understanding informal and formal client conversations.

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM CET  

Speed Networking (Elevator Pitch Training) Round 1

Now it is your turn to try out: Let´s get right into it.

Sit at any table with 2 other participants. You do have 3 rounds each of presenting yourself. With the inviting question: "So, what are you doing?" You do have 1-2 minutes - GO!

Try to get (and give) at least 2 points of improvement for each pitch you are giving (getting).

11:00 AM - 11:15 AM CET

Reflection - How did go?

Summary - Take away, Examples on stage

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM CET

Elevator Pitch Training On Stage

Best Practice & Analyzing different elevator pitches on stage to help you find the right structure, pace and contents for your own pitch.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM CET

Speed Negotiation - Elevator Pitch Training Round 2

You can (and should) be trying new things out now: New structure, new main points... Repetition is key to your success - so please exploit your chances and try your pitch up to 10 times with different partners.

1:00 PM - 1:15 PM CET

Q&A Session - Inputs for your Client Negotiation

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM CET

Networking Lounge & Lunch

Enjoy exchange with other participants, get to know the speakers in person by talking to them. Explore the booths and grab your lunch at the same time.


Ron Windauer, MSc

Ron Windauer, MSc

NLP Master, RW Consutling

Arno Fischbacher

Arno Fischbacher

Founder of stimme.at, Voice sells!

Mikko Mannila

Mikko Mannila

Entrepreneure and Strategist

Mladen Zaprianov

Mladen Zaprianov

Managing Director, Adviza Ltd.

Arno Baltin

Arno Baltin

Listening Expert, Arno Baltin


Dr. Amin Talab

Dr. Amin Talab

Master Negotiator, comeon.institute

Event Partners


Comeon Institute








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