*English* Virtual Masterclass - Building Invincible Companies (3 Half-day Sessions)

Oct 06, 2020 2:30 PM - Oct 08, 2020 6:00 PM
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Aug 14, 2020 11:59 PM
Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur
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Masterclass Agenda

Day 1: The Tools of Innovation

Oct 6th • 08:30 - 12:00 EST // 14:30 - 18:00 CEST

Part I

  • Managing Innovation and Portfolios
  • Business Model Design
  • Coffee Break

Part II

  • Value Proposition Design

Day 2: Designing Competitiveness

Oct 7th • 08:30 - 12:00 EST // 14:30 - 18:00 CEST

Part III

  • Design Thinking & Designing Competitiveness
  • Competing on Business Models
  • Coffee Break

Part IV

  • Shifting from Old to New Business Models

Day 3: Reducing Risk and Uncertainty + Test Mindset

Oct 8th • 08:30 - 12:00 EDT // 14:30 - 18:00 CEST

Part V

  • Lean Startup & Testing Business Ideas
  • Coffee Break

Part VI

  • Managing Innovation Portfolios
  • Innovation Culture Readiness

Why you should attend a Strategyzer Masterclass?

Millions of business people in large corporations, SMEs, and new ventures alike, use our methods to strategize, innovate, transform, and grow. Discover and apply our latest thinking, trade secrets, and all the tools and processes from our 4 best-selling books, including the brand new book The Invincible Company. This Masterclass is hands-on and practical with extremely high energy, countless exercises, and tremendous take-home value.

Meet the Speakers

Alex Osterwalder Alexander Osterwalder

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Business Theorist
Dr. Alexander (Alex) Osterwalder is one of the world’s most influential innovation experts, a leading author, entrepreneur and in-demand speaker whose work has changed the way established companies do business and how new ventures get started.

Ranked No. 4 of the Thinkers50 list of the most influential management thinkers worldwide, Osterwalder is known for simplifying the strategy development process and turning complex concepts into digestible visual models. He invented the Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, and Business Portfolio Map. His books include the international bestseller Business Model Generation, Value Proposition Design: How to Create Products and Services Customers Want, Testing Business Ideas and The Invincible Company.
Yves Pigneur Yves Pigneur

Author, Speaker
Dr. Yves Pigneur is a professor at the University of Lausanne since 1984, and has held visiting professorships at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore, and HEC Montreal. He earned his doctoral degree at the University of Namur, Belgium. He was the former editor-in-chief of the academic journal Systèmes d’Information & Management. Together with Alexander Osterwalder, they invented the Business Model Canvas and authored in 2010 the international bestseller “Business Model Generation” (million+ copies in 40 languages); and more recently “Value Proposition Design” & "The Invincible Company".

In November 2015, they have been ranked #15 in the “most influential business thinkers” by Thinkers50 and received the “Strategy Award”. In November 2017, they entered the top10 (#7) in the Thinkers50 ranking. In 2019, they rank #4.
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*English*  Virtual Masterclass - Building Invincible Companies (3 Half-day Sessions)

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