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Data Strategy Designkit for advanced designers (yellow)

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Why Designkit for advanced designers?

With the data strategy design kit, you can get started quickly and easily to develop successful data strategies for your company or your customers. It contains all relevant canvas posters from data drivers, Stattys Notes in different colors as well as all necessary utensils for a creative data strategy workshop. The data strategy design kit helps you structure your thoughts, concentrate on the essential questions of a successful data strategy and create transparency and acceptance for the strategy in your team.

How use Designkit for advanced designers?

Start with the data strategy canvas poster to identify and specify possible use cases for your data. Use the blue tape to stick the poster to an open wall. On the poster you will find the relevant questions that should be answered in a data strategy workshop. Write your ideas, answers and comments on the Stattys Notes and place the Stattys in the respective module on the canvas (box on the poster). Proceed in a structured manner: work through the boxes from left to right (data-driven) or right to left (user-oriented) and from top to bottom.

Use the canvas data landscape to specify and explore your data sources more precisely. Mark the availability of data with different colors for the Stattys Notes. Green Insteadys stand for existing and developed data sources, yellow Insteadys for existing but not yet developed data sources and red Insteadys for necessary, but neither developed nor available data sources. Then transfer the results to the data strategy canvas in the "Development" module.

Compare different use cases with the analytical maturity level Canvas to determine the next step in increasing the analytical maturity level. Determine the maturity level of your company or that of your customers beforehand to ensure that the step is neither too big nor that you step on the spot.

With the white Stattys, you can formulate critical assumptions and open questions that still need to be clarified before implementing the use case

What`s in the Data Strategy Design Kit (Enhanced Yellow Design Kit)?

Amount Product Description
1 Datenstrategie-Designkit-Box
1 Data Strategy A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Data Landscape A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Analytics Maturity A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Analytics Use Case A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Business Model Case A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Data Strategy Designguide A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)
1 Washi Tape to attach the canvas
1 Stattys Notes S green (Datentreiber-Version)
1 Stattys Notes S orange (Datentreiber-Version)
1 Stattys Notes S yellow(Datentreiber-Version)
1 Stattys Notes S blue(Datentreiber-Version)
1 Stattys Notes S white(Datentreiber-Version)
1 Stattys Notes S transparent (Datentreiber-Version)
1 Permanentmarker Faber-Castell GRIP
2 Marking dots (15 mm dots - diverent colours)


All canvas data drivers can also be ordered individually. You will find an overview hier.


You can find more information at Datentreiber.

More Information
brand Datentreiber
Size 118,9 x 84,1 cm
Material Synthetic paper 210 g/m²
Weight in kg 2.83
Delivery We do our best to send within 0-2 days with DHL or Deutsche Post
VAT Number in EU While completing your online order, please make sure you fill in your VAT number, if you have one and the delivery is to an EU-country outside Germany. Otherwise we have to incl. 19 % VAT on your invoice
Online offering Our online offering is targeted for companies, registered business, freelancers and associations as well as authorities, schools and universities. German VAT added to all deliveries in Germany and EU deliveries without valid VAT number.
Country of Manufacture Germany
HTS Code 490110000


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