Creative Walls

Why different whiteboard solutions?

We believe that walls are new tables for writing, sketching and drawing, especially for visualizing in teams and groups. While the offering of traditional whiteboard solutions is huge, we would like to focus on other ways to enable you to use walls, windows, doors, cupboards as an intelligent whiteboard space.

How do I use them?

Our Sticcos product line we have had already since 2012 in our product portfolio. The great benefit of Sticcos whiteboard sheets are that although it is a rather thin whiteboard film, it sticks to any glossy surface like glass, door or cupboard with the glue free 'Mikronobbing' technology and the surface is more long lasting than some tradional whiteboards and very easy to replace. We like to call this a semi-permanent solution, as you can remove the whiteboard film at any time within seconds and guaranteed without residuals on the surface below. However, it is not very practical to continuously to replace it somewhere else. If you are looking for a temporary whiteboard sheets, then Stattys Whiteboard sheets are likely more suitable for you.

MagScape magnetic whiteboard wallpapers come from a UK based pioneer of magnetic wallpaper solutions. We have joined our knowledge and forces to bring these solutions to the German and European market.

What are they?

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Noteboard Stattys Whiteboards Sticcos Whiteboard sheets
Noteboard Stattys Whiteboards Sticcos Whiteboards
SmarterSurfaces MagScape  
Smarter Surfaces MagScape Magnetic Whiteboards  

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