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Entrepreneur and founder of Stattys

Products for home office and remote working that could boost your creativity


Boost your creativity and plan you day visually with Stattys Notes

Covid-19 pandemic has forced or made us happy to work from a home office or a remote location. Also, as kindergarten and schools are partly closed, we might share our workspace and time with our children and family members at home. We need to learn to balance work and family requests. We hear and read that it can be challenging to engage the children in a useful matter and to keep them away from too many hours of digital consumption. We believe that creativity and learning still works the best with pen and paper. With pen, we mean any “device” that we can use with our hand and write, sketch and draw with it. Replace paper with Stattys Notes, Noteboard, or whiteboards (see solution 3 below). Or something else that you have already available.

We believe that a good way to start acting is to plan your own and the day of your children. Some would likely plan the day on a piece of paper and make it more like a checklist. While this might work for some very disciplined and self-motivated people, others might struggle. Try instead of an agile and visual planning method. You could use our Stattys Notes (or classical sticky notes) to plan the day visually and colorfully. Use color-coding, i.e. one color for one theme. For learning, you could use blue notes and use one note for each task. This will make the planning process more fun and engaging - especially for your children. Ideally, you make the planning process a daily routine together with your children. We can recommend the use of a Kanban board. You could draw it on a large piece of paper or you could buy our Personal Kanban Board. You can download free instructions on how to use it in English and German - even if you do not purchase anything from us. Check it out.

Learning to structure and playfully plan your day can be a real win. Try it...

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Building The Transformational Company – How I got started

BTC Academy master the framework

Where did that come from?

I did not see it coming. This time it was not the competition, not the supply chain or the fulfillment partner. It was Covid-19. The date for me was March 13, 2020. Little did I know that my visit in the evening to an Italian restaurant was the last for months.

Our Stattys core business is to design, produce, and deliver workshop material used in offline workshops. If this situation would be a Transform! Simulation, we just got the Covid-19 bust card. A lockdown for a two-month period was not going to be good for our business. What followed was more of a shock than anything else. There was an urgent need for a transformation, a new business model...

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COVID-19 Schock - A Strategy to Recover

Corporate Survival in the Age of COVID-19

When is a good time to start a strategy session?


If you are like most of us, you probably did not have a strategy for COVID-19. Not even in our wildest dreams, could we have imagined something like that to come and change our lives and businesses overnight.

According to Christian Rangen, founder of Strategy Tools and global strategy and innovation authority on dealing with near-term scenarios, there are three types of transformations....

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