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Priority Matrix A0 (47" x 33") synthetitisches Papier (EN)

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Why Priority Matrix?

As part of Design Thinking workshops, participants generate many ideas, for example for new products. However, there is often a lack of time to concretize all ideas and to analyze them in detail. Therefore, the workshop participants need to be able to quickly evaluate the ideas and then prioritize them. Canvas Priority Matrix helps attendees identify the right ideas to focus on the important details.

What is Priority Matrix?

The Priority Matrix Canvas is a visual collaborative tool for working in a team. It is based on the Eisenhower matrix and enables a team to quickly and easily evaluate ideas or tasks based on two criteria and sort them into two dimensions. Examples are the sorting of tasks according to importance and urgency, the evaluation of projects according to costs and benefits or the classification of products according to market potential and competitive pressure. Use Priority Matrix along with the Stattys Notes to record your ideas, projects, products, etc. and place them on the canvas.

How to use Priority Matrix?

How you start.
First define the factors or criteria by which you would like to rate the ideas (for the tasks, projects, products, etc.). Limit yourself to two criteria. If necessary, brainstorm with the team first, collect the criteria suggestions from the team members, and then have the team vote by giving points to the team members, for example, each team member receives three points and can distribute them to the criteria. Select the two criteria with the most points, write them down to Stattys Notes, and place the Stattys as labels on the X and Y axes on the priority matrix.

Arrange your ideas.
Write each idea on a separate Stattys and place it first in the middle of the priority matrix - where the four quadrants meet to form a cross. Now have the workshop participants vote on whether the idea fulfills the first criterion above or below average. According to the participants' assessment, move the Stattys to the right or left until the participants say "Stop". For the second criterion, do the equivalent: move the Stattys up or down, depending on whether the idea meets the second criterion above or below average.

Pay attention to the circumstances of each other.
For the following ideas, make sure that the appropriate Stattys are correctly aligned relative to the already existing Stattys (Ideas). For example, it is often difficult or even impossible to pin down the value of a product in advance, but you and your team are likely to have a very good idea of whether a product is more useful than another product. Accordingly, the ideas or their respective Stattys should be arranged on the priority matrix to each other. If necessary, you can also reorder existing ones.

Focus on the right ideas.
Finally, once you've got all the ideas in the priority matrix, check again to see if the ideas are in the right proportions for the two criteria and, if necessary, re-position the Stattys. Then select the ideas that are (usually) in the upper right quadrant (number II). These are, for example, tasks with a high urgency and a high importance. For projects that you have sorted by cost and benefit, the relevant quadrant may be different, for example, bottom right, so those projects with a benefit but low cost.


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