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Over The Fence - the book (EN) - F. Habermann und K. Schmidt

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Why regarding Over the Fence?

This book is more than a “toolbox” or a “guideline.” It is a book for people in projects – it demonstrates how we can work together better and thus achieve more and have more fun.

“Over the Fence” offers inspirational stories, various examples of applications, good practices, and a concrete tool that helps all people to understand their projects better and make a real difference with human-centered project design. Simple and effective and guaranteed to be undogmatic. 

How to use it?

Content (Chapters)

If you are a project professional, in this chapter you may discover a new perspective on projects. If you are not so familiar with projects, you will encounter the essentials in a nutshell. 

The Project Canvas is a tool for project definition – not only, but especially, for interdisciplinary teams. In this chapter you will learn which features make this tool so effective. 

Learn how to best use the Project Canvas for essential project design. Along with general tips and tricks, this chapter mainly offers three guidelines for workshops.

Good projects require good decisions, and good decisions require good perception. In this chapter we will show you how to achieve mastery in this field. 

In the run-up to the book we interviewed people who use the Project Canvas regularly. This chapter reports on their experiences. Here we have condensed dozens of interviews with 11 protagonists.

What is Over the Fence?

This book is a completely new revised edition of our first ebook "The Project Canvas" from 2014 and the first part of the „Over the Fence“ book project. The book helps people in projects to benefit from interdisciplinary wisdom in order to design, manage, and lead complex projects, and have more fun at work.

We try to provide the most valuable knowledge for those who work in and on projects and are seeking effective tools. In developing these tools, we are looking far beyond the garden fence of “project management”. We are inspired by good practices of other disciplines – art, sport, and technology among others – and not least by a hefty dose of good common sense.

About the authors

Frank Habermann is Professor for Business Administration at Berlin School of Economics and Law. Karen Schmidt is advisor and coach for challenging projects and transformation initiatives.

Together they initiated „Over the Fence“ as an open international initiative for people in projects and a book project. The Project Canvas was the first tool released in 2014 with this very book. At first they were astonished by the positive response, then overwhelmed. 

Since then they have encountered hundreds of projects that have successfully used the project canvas and shared their gift of feedback and inspiring stories. All of this embodies the philosophy of “Over the Fence”. That is why this book has the very same title.

Podcast (German)
Project Canvas: Willst du das Projekt? - mit Karen Schmidt & Frank Habermann


Edition: Version 1.0.
Publisher: Becota GmbH
English translation: by Carlye Birkenkrahe
Layout, composition and final image editing: by Ann-Kathrin Gallheber
Productsize: 21.5 x 21 x 2.5 cm

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