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Strategy Pyramid A0 (47" x 33") synthetitisches Papier (EN)

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Why Strateye Pyramid Canvas?

An essential success factor of entrepreneurial action is the focus on the essential. In order to realize your own vision, you need to have a clear final goal in mind and know which sub-goals need to be achieved. In addition, a positive and motivating mission statement ("mission") is needed, as well as clear guidelines that show the right direction and the limits of the path. Finally, a common value system within a company forms the foundation for the common journey, which offers orientation and support in difficult situations. The strategy pyramid Canvas supports teams in developing a common vision and mission, defining concrete milestones and guidelines as well as identifying connecting and binding values.

What is Strategy Pyramid Canvas?

The Strategy yramid Canvas is a visual collaboration tool for team work. It helps the participants to articulate, visualize and structure their ideas and visions for the corporate strategy in a workshop. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to analyze the strategy with regard to weaknesses, to discuss different ideas and finally to concretize the strategy to such an extent that the result serves as a guideline for the operative implementation of the strategy.

How to use Strategy Pyramid Canvas?

How to start.
Start with the foundation of your company or enterprise: the Basic Values. Let the participants name the values that are important to them. Write the suggestions on Statty's Notes and position the Notes in the box "Basic Values". Then discuss the proposals, concretize the values if necessary and condense the notes so that in the end the values remain which all participants can agree on and which the team wants to live and represent to the outside world.

Develop the Vision & Mission.
Then dedicate yourself to the vision. The vision describes the state of the company and its environment in the future. How should your company, your industry, the economy or even society in general have changed positively? Which company do you want? Distinguish between the internal view of your company (left side) and the external view of the environment of your company (right side).

The next step is to define the mission: how do you want to realize your vision? What does your company have to do to achieve it? What do you achieve for your customers and partners? What do you do for your employees and partners? Here, too, there is a view inwards (left side) and outwards (right side).

Define milestones & guidelines.
On the way to realizing your vision, you should set intermediate goals: which milestones do you want to reach after 1-2 years, 3-5 years or 5-10 years? Internal goals concern, for example, the number of employees, the locations of your company or financing rounds. External goals may include, for example, sales, number of customers or specific companies that you want to win as customers.

Guidelines help you not to stray from the right path. Formulate positive recommendations for action or alternatively no-go's: how should employees behave and what should they not do under any circumstances? What do you expect from your customers and suppliers and what do you not want to tolerate under any circumstances?

Critically review your strategy.
After you have gone through, filled, discussed and, if necessary, rearranged all the boxes one after the other, take a final and critical look at the big picture and ask yourself the questions: do all those involved support this strategy? Is the strategy consistent or are there contradictions? Is it realistic and do all participants know what to do next?

Be sure to arrange semi-annual or at least annual meetings to review the strategy and readjust it if necessary. You will learn from your daily business whether the guidelines were sufficient and goal-oriented. Maybe the milestones were too ambitious and maybe the mission did not hit the nerve of your employees and customers 100% and needs to be adjusted. The basic values and the vision, on the other hand, should only be adjusted if your company is in serious trouble or could get into trouble.


You can find more information at Datentreiber. 

The strategy pyramid Canvas is also available as interactive online version including tutorial:

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