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Growth Horizons A0 (47" x 33") synthetitisches Papier (EN)

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Why Growth Horizons Canvas?

In order to survive in the face of technological and economic change, companies must continually change themselves by testing innovative solutions to improve their business processes and new business models. In innovation projects, the initial idea generation process results in many solution approaches that address very different time horizons, making it difficult to compare the approaches and thus prioritize and ultimately decide on specific ideas. The Growth Horizons Canvas helps the participants of an innovation project to sort the ideas with regard to their time horizon and potential in order to focus on the relevant ideas at the right time.

What is Growth Horizons Canvas?

The Growth Horizons Canvas is a visual collaboration tool for teams to quickly find out which innovative solutions should be the focus of development and when. For this purpose, the Canvas divides the idea space into three growth horizons:

  • The short-term horizon 1 (H1) stands for solutions or products that help to improve the current core business and to defend it against the competition. The ideas are based on existing and already used technologies and there is a market for the respective solutions or products. The goal is to adapt the company to the current state of the technology and the market.
  • The medium-term horizon 2 (H2) looks at solutions and products that are based on existing technologies and address existing markets, but the company itself has no experience with these technologies and in this market. The goal is to transform the company to prepare the future (core) business.
  • The Long-term Horizon 3 (H3) deals with disruptive approaches in which new technologies are applied in new markets. The company is preparing its business for a still distant and uncertain future.

Canvas' growth horizons are based on the McKinsey Horizon model.

How to use Growth Horizons Canvas?

How to start.
In the beginning there is the idea generation: use for example the business model / case Canvas or the analytics use case Canvas to create possible ideas for new products, business models or solutions. Collect the ideas on Stattys Notes, regardless of the growth horizon.

Locate the ideas along the horizon.
Then go through the ideas one by one and place the corresponding notes in the appropriate growth horizon. Ask yourself two questions:

  • Which technologies does this idea require?
  • Which market does this idea address?

On the Growth Horizon Canvas you will find a diagonal line for markets and technologies on the left and right side. Place the idea according to the required technologies and the addressed market along these two axes. To identify the appropriate growth horizon for this idea.

An example: Your business idea requires a proven technology that you already use. However, you do not know the market yet, although the market already exists. Then place the corresponding note in Horizon 2 on the left side (market: existing & unoccupied; technology: existing & used).

Prioritize your ideas.
After you have sorted all ideas, discuss and compare the ideas within a growth horizon in terms of business potential, required resources and possible risks (for example, using the Priority Matrix Canvas). Important: compare H1 ideas only with H1 ideas, H2 ideas only with H2 ideas, etc..  

Focus yor time.
When implementing the ideas, you should start with the H1 ideas: the urgency is highest. After all, it is about your core business. In parallel, prepare the implementation of the H2 ideas, for example by hiring new employees or training existing employees technologically, commissioning market analyses etc. Finally, you should not lose sight of the H3 ideas, but actively observe technological and economic developments, for example by attending relevant conferences or reading appropriate literature. The future comes faster than you think - and you should be prepared.


More information can be found at Datentreiber.

The Growth Horizons Canvas is also available as interactive online version including tutorial:

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