Data Landscape A0 (47" x 33") synthetic paper (EN)

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Why the Data Landscape Canvas?

The data landscape canvas helps you to discover the potential of your data sources and to identify gaps in your data landscape. It visualizes the availability, granularity, and exclusivity of your data sources so you can quickly identify open questions, critical points, and potential vulnerabilities. Leverage the canvas with the Stattys Notes and data strategy canvas to build the foundation for a successful data strategy in interdisciplinary teams-including marketers, IT managers, and business analysts.

What is Data Landscape Canvas?

The data landscape canvas is a visual collaboration tool and complements the data strategy canvas. It deepens the field of (data) development and identifies the data sources that are critical as a key resource for a business model or process (see Business Model Canvas).

Note: the canvas contains trigger questions to help you fill it.

How to use Data Landscape Canvas?

How you start:
There are two ways to use the canvas: first, to evaluate which data sources you need for a specific use case (DESIRED state); and second, to identify the available data sources (actual state) and then possible use cases. For a specific use case, name it and place an appropriate Stattys in the middle of the canvas. Then start in the upper left quadrant and work in a clockwise direction by also collecting the required data sources on the Stattys Notes. If you do not analyze a specific use case, you can start filling the quadrants right away.

Fill your data landscape:
The four quadrants (top left, top right, bottom right, and bottom left) represent four different types of data sources:

  • You have created data, your employees or your own machines and you have the exclusive and full rights to the data.
  • You receive data obtained from your customers and partners, and you probably do not have the data either exclusively or comprehensively.
  • Paid data has been purchased from third parties or exchanged for your own data, and the data is likely to be available to all who also pay equally.
  • Public data is freely available, accessible to all and may be subject to restrictions.

Use green, orange and yellow Stattys Notes to record the data

  • already available and the data sources are accessible
  • aren´t available or accessible
  • or already available but not accessible.

Categorize your data:
The data landscape canvas has three areas (from outside to inside):

  • Raw data is data that has not been filtered, cleaned up, aggregated, or transformed, such as the unprocessed sensor data of a machine or the log files of a Website.
  • Derived data has already been condensed, refined or otherwise processed by a data processing technique.
  • Linked data includes data to relate the data points of two or more data sources, for example, the mapping of email addresses to customer numbers.

Fill in the gaps:
After exploring your data landscape and filling the canvas, consider: what data sources are missing? Where do I have gaps that I should or could fill? Which data sources are available but I do not have access to this data? And what data sources do I need to link to achieve my goals, and do I have the data?

Transfer the results.
Finally, the results of the canvas should be transferred to the "Development" section of the data strategy canvas to complete your data strategy. You can also include the essential data sources as a key resource in the Business Model Canvas.


More information can be found on Datentreiber.

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